Monsters and Mankind

Soliders of nothingness Slaves of time, Beneath brain so bottomless Rugged and out of rhyme. Moulded of mistakes Living with a guilt, Lonelier than the dark Surrounded by filth. Speaker of the peace Celebrating the wars, A fading disease Under infinite dying stars. A friend to not even itself Pretending to be more, A selfish... Continue Reading →


Highlands in silence

This city's washed by poison rain And the love has lost its flame We're beaten and blown by the wind Trampled into guilt and shame There are no signs on the wall To tell us where to go We are crippled beneath the dust And the streets have turned so cold. I want to feel... Continue Reading →

Song of story called life

I gazed up at the golden sky And to all those raining stary Beneath one big cosmic eye My soul felt more free and alive. All those memories, bitter and sweet Smelled like a vintage perfume Alongside a nostalgia that felt incomplete My heart danced to beats of a forlorn tune, Away from the oddity... Continue Reading →

Hollow whispers

If I could forget about life for a while I would sing silly songs of tears and smile Of many people I met and quickly forgot Of few dreams I knit and tore them apart. If I could forget about life for a while To a quiet green hill I would push my ride To... Continue Reading →

A day in glitch

Some days I feel like a lifeless sculpture of flesh and bones. My mind traverses from absolute blankness to light like the flashes of a old torch. My will to do anything vanishes from my essence and I just sit somewhere like a glitch in the cosmos. In such days I find it hard to... Continue Reading →

End of endgame, end of an era

Every great fantasy saga is a creation of prominent imaginations, inspirations from thousands of epic lore throughout the history, unalloyed art factions and timeless literature. It takes years for such a remarkable event of artistry and aptness to come to a closure and though the closure is filled with laughs, cries, shouts and thick and... Continue Reading →

Highland wishes

I wish someday we see the rain falling beneath that bitter sky, I wish we find love again and again hidden amidst every corner of time. Tears are monsters from castle of pain fear has fangs and it chews us alive, Every night we dream shadow of the day, I wish, when we lose, we... Continue Reading →

Dazed and Dispersed

Out in the night, windy and dark He walked out with his wicked heart Stars were weeping and moon was alone Earth was dancing to a beatless song The universe was sad, empty and quiet Nothing seemed wrong yet nothing was right. There was a party down by the hill People were drinking, dancing and... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2: The violet hill

Silence stood still above the violet hills, siblings fought and laughed together to echoes of love. Lies were fair to protect the truth and joy drizzled there in the sunlight while at night, silence visited every house - there was melody in that silence too. Over the outspread roads of Roman marble, lovers danced and... Continue Reading →

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