How about you just stare at life and not react at all? let all those thoughts pass like whispers in the wind let all the rust in that heart fade away like clouds let the oblivion indulge you in phantom stories of hope, tales of swift sunrise above crisp green hills and sound of a... Continue Reading →

Tagline of memories

How does one fight himself? Amidst a chaos that has been circling and calling out his name constantly and a fear that bounces in his heart. There are many things; dark and gloomy in the air that we don't see but feel and they feel terrible. This fight with oneself is nothing but contemplation of... Continue Reading →

The Essay of Remorse

In the western sky I saw evening lights; red and dark like blood I got chills through my heart, saw my worlds apart saw your sapphire eyes fading like the dust, felt an ache in my soul, saw my memories through that hole saw the death of a love, grey clouds above and a wind... Continue Reading →

Our days are somber with withering talks the soul grows pale as stars grow old the hearts flicks with stifling thoughts of love, of hate and the envy we bought, from the trader that sold the scented smiles. How frail have we got in this wretched path to have to succumb to every emotion and... Continue Reading →

Tagline of battlecry

We feel that now and then, a tingle in our bones, an ache within our hearts and a cry in our minds; the call of unknown. We were damned ones, tired and frozen crawling amidst the cold and dark nights of this unfinished ride. The good that died and decayed in front of our weary... Continue Reading →

Escaping into the cage

Life is pain, it is an integrated loop of sufferings and an eternal chase of meaning in those sufferings. We all chase something and eventually that something means some meaning, some purpose and logic in what we do; no matter how trivial or how senseless the act might me. While I sit here playing soft... Continue Reading →

Quarantine and stoicism

This isolation has compelled me to reflect upon the most pure and absolute reality, the one that everybody seems to dodge in an attempt to fake themselves. It's the fact that nobody gives a batshit about your life selflessly except the ones that always did, the ones that were always around; the whole large bunch... Continue Reading →

Tagline of Hope: Five

It's hopeless, it's hard to fight for make-believe, when the night is at its darkest and the wind is dastardly cold, when all drowns in silence and the birds they sing no more. As a bard once said, "sometimes somethings are so broken that they can never be fixed", the world is being haunted in... Continue Reading →

Tagline of Chaos: Four

The evening is a scary time, vulnerable time for chaos to break free and wreak havoc amidst our frail little minds. I have heard strange melodies that are colder than December breeze, humming in these parts. Maybe I'm just another delusional man trying to find my comfort in melancholy or maybe this darkness means much... Continue Reading →

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