Highland wishes

I wish someday we see the rain falling beneath that bitter sky, I wish we find love again and again hidden amidst every corner of time. Tears are monsters from castle of pain fear has fangs and it chews us alive, Every night we dream shadow of the day, I wish, when we lose, we... Continue Reading →


Dazed and Dispersed

Out in the night, windy and dark He walked out with his wicked heart Stars were weeping and moon was alone Earth was dancing to a beatless song The universe was sad, empty and quiet Nothing seemed wrong yet nothing was right. There was a party down by the hill People were drinking, dancing and... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2: The violet hill

Silence stood still above the violet hills, siblings fought and laughed together to echoes of love. Lies were fair to protect the truth and joy drizzled there in the sunlight while at night, silence visited every house - there was melody in that silence too. Over the outspread roads of Roman marble, lovers danced and... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: A quiet Dream

"Still round the corner there may wait A new road or a secret gate And though I oft have passed them by A day will come at last when I Shall take the hidden paths that run West of the Moon, East of the Sun." J.R.R Tolkien One quiet night I lay dreaming of a... Continue Reading →

Wonder the wonderful

Seeking out for a stranger’s hand in shallow desperate land. But can you feel what it’s like, to be limitless and free?   They are all lost in pain, in their highways to vain. Ever wondered what it’s like, to see ghosts that they can’t see?   We are running deep in wilderness of life,... Continue Reading →

An ode to all the parents

When the light burns out and night grows dark when shadows crawl in my lonely heart when hope runs away and dream just frays I find you by my side guiding the way.   You gave me strength when I was empty inside You still believed in me when I has lost my fight You... Continue Reading →

Thank you hope

Every day as I glide through this city with my own thoughts, I envision thousands of things both alluring and ugly. The pen of my perspective constantly and continuously writes different tales about each scenario or specific individuals that I come across in my quotidian voyage. Some of those tales get erased instantly, some stick... Continue Reading →

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