Mortal Rage Genesis



Long long ago, there was a battle,

battle between love and hate, battle between war and peace,

the battle between the two sides,

and the supporters of two entities, darkness and light.

In this clash for humanity’s fate,

He pledged his life to the lord of light,

he fought against all the evil knights.

Oh! what a faith he had on the side he served,

he never cared about his own life,

giving his all to solve this chaos,

only to halt when kissed by comatose.


Ultimately his mind stirred, god knows in what time,

but he finds no crisis, the battle was over it seemed.

he was glad, for his sacrifice wasn’t in vain,

he was glad, for world was lightened again.

But his delight soon got shattered down ,

the truth behind this peace drove him insane.

 his own side, the side he sworned his life to,

the light, the virtue had betrayed his faith.

He uncovered a dreary truth,

he was being used as a pawn all this time,

his fate was planned and so was his time,

so when it was over, they tossed him away.

The betrayal was painful for him to sway,

his mind frayed, his feelings flayed,

so empty he was then inside, he cried, cried until his vocals all dried,

the darkness devoured his soul until it died.


A new tale started from here, a tale of hate and betrayal, 

the man once so devoted to humanity, 

now wanted to be its nemesis,

the man who once loathed violence,

is now known as the mortal rage genesis.

The pall warrior, the evil knight,

so many names the world use to relate,

but in the end he is an embodiment of betrayal,

the epitome of cursed fate.





Tangled thoughts on the Titanic Cosmos



I was always interested in space time and cosmology, its vast applications and most of all the unexplored parts of this mysterious system. Probably, we humans, haven’t explored even 1% of the universe and already we feel like we know so much about it. The only heavenly body humans have set foot on, is our own satellite moon. Though there are projects regarding colonization in mars, but that is for future. Now my point here is that, in this deep mystery of vast cosmos, are we the only living beings, are we the center of the universe or are we just the pawns of a greater game, as Nick Bostrom once hypothesized our existence as a computer simulation, which means that we are some characters of a giant computer game. The idea that the universe is a simulation sounds more like the plot of “The Matrix,” but it is also a legitimate scientific hypothesis. There are some other popular hypothesis too like The Multiverse hypothesis which states  “The multiverse is a hypothetical set of various possible universes including the universe which we live in.”

Now whatever it is, to me, all the hypothesis makes sense and they don’t, at the same time. But what I do believe is that there are several mysteries in this vast cosmos, including some which we are never meant to solve. Sometimes when my mind is free and playing with several random thoughts, I think of cosmos, our existence and reality itself. Aided by my love for fiction, I dug deeper into these thoughts with the sharp questions of mine, until finally I’m in a kind of loop,  a loop created out of these questions, the questions of my existence, to the existence of universe itself. Who are we in this universe? How did the universe came into existence? Why are we here? and the loop. Now I’m not a cosmologist, and I know many cosmologists have their own answers to these questions, but none of them seems to have a valid and satisfying answer.

Now about whatever happened in the past, is happening now or will happen in future, is this a pre-written script, written already and executing accordingly? or is this all related to action and reactions, theory? We have suffered some greatest tragedies in the history like the Crusades, The World War II, The Holocaust, Famines and lot more, similarly we’ve had some best things happened too like the renaissance, establishment of UN, Abolitionism, and lot more of them. Now my question is were they all planned? Is the future fixed or is it in flux?, What is time and who controls it? Sometimes it seems like that simulation theory makes sense. The reality might be already programmed so the tragedies are comparable to the bigger wars of the game. The small deaths can be compared to the fact that the simulator is just bored by that simulation or the time of that simulation in the game is finished. Now if we assume that theory to be true, another question arises here i.e. What happens to us after we die? Do we get new skins and are re spawned? or are we just ignored as the game focuses on main characters? The questions never end, and the answer is always different and changing as the more we think deeper. Sometimes it all just feels stupid to me, I mean why explore and waste time?, its one life so why not live and be happy in whatever we know, whatever has been bestowed upon us. But then I get this strange line of thought. What if we are living in a dream, a lucid dream and the actual reality is better off hell?  What if the time of our life in this dream is equal to the time of our sleep in that reality, ergo is the time to explore this vast beautiful dream before waking up in a reality of nightmare? Funny, isn’t it?          At times my brain just thinks, thinks and thinks, until finally the chain of thought is broken by the pressure of reality. But when my brain is in that state of infinite thinking, I can feel some circumstances like they are not thoughts rather are existent,  somewhere.

These all random notions and several hypothesis, makes our existence look relatively so small. But from an optimistic point of view, this also makes our troubles, the troubles that may seem great, look so minuscule. Whatever is our perception towards the cosmos, lets just live our life as explorers rather than a passive credulous person, accepting everything as it is. Lets make our life worth it, it is a game lets play it as a major character than a civilian who gets killed, lets just not regret if we wake up and this all was a dream, and in the end lets just fill it with adventures.

What I love most about this crazy life is the adventur

e of

– Juliette Binoche

It is astonishing that human brains, which evolved to cope with the everyday world, have been able to grasp the counter intuitive mysteries of the cosmos and the quantum.
                                                                      – Martin Rees

Faces and Masks


Each day, as I start the unpredictable journey of life, I came across millions of faces, some familiar and some new, some charged and some powerless, some happy and some gloomy, this “some and some” cannot end as it represent the feelings, emotions carried by all those countless faces. As we enter the world, we adapt our feelings accordingly to the situation and time we are at. I call these feelings and emotions as the masks of the respective face, because these feelings and emotions hide the true appearance of face in the situation they are worn, in order for us to get along. For instance, no matter how much annoying or displeasing ones boss is, they will always be nice to him, they will even reply the scolding of him with soothing words and smile. Its not because that employee of this douche boss has gained any enlightenment or feelings disorder, its just the need of the situation and he gotta act accordingly in order to survive. Now from above example what I want to say is that the masks are vital sometimes, they can save us from mental or social messes. These masks are usually the response of brain against any such occasions, where it feels insecure to act as usual or act normally so the masks overrun our usual motions, in above case anger, to protect any further muddles, in above case, getting fired.

Now those were the natural masks, we talked about, masks we are endowed since birth. But humans are always creative and evolving, so they thought why not develop masks according to our needs. Then they force brain to create masks for like every next situation, each instant, then started the era of artificial masking. For instance, a human is siting somewhere and he/she saw a girl/guy approaching, the usual action here would be either talk casually or just mind own business, but no, the brain is forced and the masks are created. Now in such case, I have mostly observed two kind of masks:

> Mask 1: I’m just gonna play overly cool, so cool, so cool that I’m not going to talk to the person coming but my all actions, words will be centered to him/her. P.S. I might fly out of potential energy.

>Mask 2: I’m just gonna talk to him/her (seems casual, no?.wait…), I’m just gonna talk to him/her and in the process I’m gonna utter everything I know, every single garbage my mind could imagine of.

Once I met this guy, it was on the orientation day of our college, the compounds were flooded with new peoples, then there was an announcement that we are to form a queue and so all the freshers gathered in a place. Now I was talking to some friends and this guy hops in, he seemed like a normal person until, some girls came out from nearby room, and stood beside us. Then the shit happened, I was emotionally disturbed by his personality shift, I mean he was literally talking in fake English accent to us, he sounded like someone flipped his tongue and tied. He bragged about his entire life, which I thought was pathetic. But he didn’t care, he was consumed by that mask of show off, his conscious brain slept.

These masks have consumed us, many of us in some situations, when we felt that our originality might ruin the moment or when we overthink. I have been victim of it numerous times, in some days when my exams are near or I haven’t studied, I wear a mask of apathetic person, I act like I don’t care about studies and all but deep inside, I know it to be a lie but still I force my brain to believe this. Sometimes we also wear masks of famous psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, blues, etc. I have seen peoples who have completely forgotten their real face, by excessive use of these psychological masks. In order to hide small pains, to get sympathy, to hide procrastination, to get attentions, by fear of fight, and for numerous problems, people choose to wear those masks, its easy to make a comfortable situation rather than fight. But we forget that what we tell our brain, it will slowly start to believe that, and embrace the fake mask to replace the original face. Now I’m not saying to ignore the natural masks, they are like our immune system, they save us from social diseases, but this artificial mask we create, is like a drug, you will feel escatic while taking but the long term consequences are disastrous. So rather than using fake masks, why not explore the original face itself, rather than forcing fake emotions on brain, why not embrace the true feelings granted by it, rather than talking about great stuffs, why not hone our small skills and make them great.

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a better face and duplicate it. You are born here with one life and one face so don’t change the latter when you die rather make it an example for all. Its hard not to pretend sometimes, but rather than forcing a mask over the face, force the face over that mask. When the time comes, it’ll be worth it, your soul will thank you for not getting it lost.

Together (A battle for freedom)



I’m seeing that you’re crying, deep inside,

I know that you’re afraid to come here,

I can feel that you’re trying, trying to hide,

the loneliness you’re not willing to share.

All the world will try to fed you lies,

take advantage of that dark time,

drag you down in the rough ways,

through the storm that never fade away.


As they spit the prickly words,

deep inside you just can’t hold,

I can feel your rage burning then.

But you stop that hate flow,

though your veins and get a hold,

I can sense your soul pitying you then.


Why are you hiding it all?

using the cover of insipid self,

Why are you faking it all?

conjuring you to fight with yourself.


If you fall in deception, I will be your guiding light,

Look at your destiny, everything else is falsified.

I know you are blinded by the words they’ve told.

Its hard to vision so let me be your sight,

together we will commence our way,

I will be your guardian, don’t you fright.

The darkness, the light, they are inevitable,

but together they can form aesthetic twilight……..









Originally posted on Patrick stories, a nice Illustration showing the power of smile:


A smile costs nothing, but gives much.
It takes a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.

None is so rich or mighty that he/she can get along without it, and none is so poor, but that he/she  can be made rich by it.

A smile creates happiness in the home, increases good will in business, and is the sign of friendship.

It brings rest to the discomfort, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and it is nature’s best antidote for trouble.

Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone, until it is given away.

Some people are too tired to give you a smile;
Give them one of yours, as you can make a sad person be happy

HAPPY SMILE  IN 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by:

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


University of Benin

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End is just the beginning


So the cycle is completed again, the cycle of 365 days filled with joys and sorrows, achievement and loss, success and failure, gain and loss, the list never ends. 2017 for me, was the most intricate year and it taught me as well as gave me a lot of things too. Well, sadness, happiness, gaining, losing,etc, all these things are fundamentals of human life and will follow us to our grave. The important things that matters are memories we’ve made, lessons we’ve learned, friends we’ve made, the list isn’t big but powerful enough to cherish the new year and years onward.

Before we start to write in the fresh new pages of 2018, lets take time to look into the pages of old book of 2017, lets remember the good and bad memories, peoples, lets take time to offer gratitude to everything we’ve been bestowed with, together.

 Life brings tears, smiles and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade but the memories last forever.

One of the most important thing for me last year was joining bachelors, it gave me direction, a destiny to look up to and a chance to meet a lot of new awesome peoples. There was a time where, for once, I saw nothing in my career but darkness. I was terribly frustrated and was about to lose hope, but it was the people around me who kept faith in me when I couldn’t. Thank you everyone who supported me back then, the present me is all because of you, you are the reason behind my smile.  Everyone is blessed with some awesome peoples around, the charming gardeners that make our souls blossom.

The another thing that happened to me is generic, psychological and well stupid. I never intended to share this but, here it goes. I had a lot of free time last year because unlike other years, I didn’t have had any school or anything. So as they say “Empty mind is devil’s workshop”, I was indeed affected by my empty mind somehow. I developed unnecessary emotions, that proved to be problematic very soon. That stupid act of mine was getting close to a person I shouldn’t have. By doing so I invited many troubles in my academic as well as social life, my productivity got killed and negativity began to consume me. But, thanks to my academic urgency, we got separated and the distance increased gradually. This separation initially led to a catastrophe upon me, I wasn’t able to focus on anything. That was the time I really found myself, realized that I was controlled by the false emotions, I thought to be true. Well that event left memories and lessons to be learned. Our brain is indeed a powerful machine, either we control it or it controls us, never let those false emotions overpower our intelligence. They may be sweet at first but believe me, they are toxic. The cosmos has plans for everyone, so be patient and let the time guide your soul to the rightful partner.

The sheet is getting longer and longer means boring, as well as I can’t seem to remember much of last year as most of it was filled with empty pages, but I hope to fill the coming year and years onward with lots of beautiful and inspirational stories. The stories that will make me proud and grateful at the same time, stories that will give me a rush of warmth when I pass them to next generations, stories that will go with me after my mission here is accomplished.

Now last but not least, I started this blog, I expressed a lot of my feelings, problems, shared my thoughts here and got some genuine suggestions, support. I was also inspired by all the awesome writers here, and overwhelmed with joy by the support I got from them.

In the end, lets walk this journey with a smile, no matter how hard the roads and accommodations are, lets not lose hope on the dead ends because when one way ends,  another begins. We are all explorers, explorers of our own consciousness.

 As life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair

Happy new year!!


he returned, tired and drained
wanted to drown in drinks
but refrained,

he was tired of the sounds
the sounds all around
felt that he was bound
tied to the ground
by the sounds, oh so loud

the sounds of people fighting,
flirting, laughing,back-biting,
all the barking and the mocking
so he started writing
jotting with a trembling hand
these words were his last stand
before he fell into silence..

Credit: Aashish Ghimire