Ethical hijacking

Who would have thought that a petty burglar would be the man behind tragic career girls murder, who would have guessed that a shy, bullied, introvert kid would one day wreck havoc in Texas school with a gun, who would have thought that an art school rejected poor kid would one day kill millions of innocents resulting in one of the most horrendous tragedies in human history, who can tell when a human changes its notion from beautiful to awful, when a person turns into something unprecedented and unexpected. The thing that prevents a human from doing any corrupted, morally or socially incorrect act is ethics and the strength of that ethics, the ability of oneself to remain true to his/her ethics, whilst shields our consciousness from losing its track in difficult and emotionally misleading situations.

A petty burglar had just gotten out of jail, he had a family of one wife and a small daughter. He was old and all he now wanted was to stay by his family and make them feel happier but, money was an issue here so he decided to go on his last burglary, not in any banks or malls, but in a small apartment just to avoid the hassle of cops and jail. Unfortunately, there lived two girls in that apartment and the second one came home sooner than expected whilst first one was struck unconscious by that thief. He tied the second girl too but as he was leaving with the cash and some jewelry, second girl shouted that she recognizes his face and thus she’s gonna help the cops arrest him. These words fall upon the burglar like some thunder and his whole consciousness was drowned by an emotional tide of fear. Long story short, he killed her and the other one too and was probably life imprisoned. A story that started with a dream of a happy life with family, good future for a daughter and a slight risk got its worst ending possible.  Reason?  Most would say lack of emotional control, sudden fear overlapping, etc. which are perfectly valid reasons but there’s something more to contemplate here. Were his motives initially right? He could have gone for any unskilled jobs for less but consistent payment. What he chose initially, ‘burglary’ was already a wrong move and the murder was just amplification of his already established ethical corruption.

Ethic is a set of morally accepted principles that a human follows in life to maintain discipline and overall harmony with society. Sometimes various circumstances arise that might compel us, delude us into breaking our ethical principles, out of which emotional upsurge is the most prominent cause of all. Extreme excitement, joy or gloom, rage, both negative and positive emotions can be the enemy to our ethic. In such situations what we require is restraint, no one can magically ignore their emotions or let go of them, and they are going to hurt us, excite us but not letting our core consciousness corrupted by their vile play is something self restraint can help us achieve. Why do you think we are granted with a natural ability of reasoning? It’s not for thinking about who let the dogs out rather it’s a power to fight in times of our own philosophical crises, it’s a weapon to guard our ethics.  Recently I heard news about a father who beat his child to a point; his 11 yrs kid was admitted to emergency. It’s not like a father wanted to kill his child neither he was a psychotic or mentally ill, his excuse behind such hideous act was that he was just trying to teach his child some discipline and in the process he lost his cool, an overwhelming surge of rage took over. These baleful acts are results of us not using our reasoning, thinking prowess at the right time. The father could have just exercised a more healthy way to teach his child, any psychologically effective method that would yield far more better results than a child in hospital and a guilt ridden father behind the bars.  Between us deciding to act senselessly steered by instantaneous emotions and the residual feelings of negativity after the act, that is where we can apply our boon of reasoning, a dab of philosophical approach in such situations can change the results from negative guilt ridden crippled mind to an aesthetic and tranquil state with some really fruitful results, not to mention the rescue from ethical corruption.

It’s hard; in fact it’s very hard to control such emotional uproars. Fear, rage, insecurity, and envy they can be really hard to handle sometimes but whenever you feel like losing your emotional grip, just take a few deep breathes and think about the possible consequences, think about the guilt, the nasty feeling of self hate you might get after the act. If you have any such past experiences, think about them and finally question your feelings, why angry? Why envious? Chances are you won’t find a satisfying answer. As you dug deeper with your philosophical reasoning you’ll find that these negative feelings are just apparent ones, they fade with time but what lies in the core are your ethics. True ethics is what guides a man towards enlightenment, towards his destination and towards a better emotional resilience.  Those who betray their ethics just because of some faint delusions, minuscule emotional up’s and down’s are the most untrustworthy humans in this world. What if they destroy your live someday just for the sake of their own hollow fulfillment, you never know. Who would have thought that a burglar would someday be a murderer, a strict father would cripple his child, a weedy underdog would become a world wanted drug overlord. Situations don’t make a human criminal, situations aren’t excuses for losing ones morality, it’s that moment which determines everything, moment when our ethics is questioned and moment when we answer that question.


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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen your last work and you seem to be getting better, probably.
    Ethics could be the reason our society is safe but I believe that ethics is also what binds people and causes the anxiety. We live like hamsters in a wheel spinning round and round all over. Ethics is the basis or the core, so to speak, of our society. The society is like a black whole trying to swallow us , making us desperate just to live. Hence the fear and the anxiety. The environment creates the man. We are just the cumulation of all the thoughts and experiences crammed into us through the years. While it is true that our decisions shape what we become, our decisions themselves are the product of the situation in which we were brought up.
    But still, everything depends upon perspective, a man with just a guitar and some pennies to live by could be jamming down some alley with all the passion and the heat like there are none happier in this world.
    Ethics do make a man but it is super important to remember that it is man who makes ethics

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    1. Your comment is totally logical and amazingly philosophical. You made a point, presented its pros and cons and then a conclusion, which is also a very good one. You left me with no words to contradict or support your statement, thanks for the words and feedback.
      Anyways why is your name like its randomly typed by a toddler?


  2. Burglar’s story is remarkable to explain the facts of ethical hijacking. Our brain is doing everything,, so we must be aware of its working mechanism. You have described about fear emotion that acts as default drive for decision making process. Good writing ! Thank you.

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