Tribute to my heroes (Part 1)

Hey Axl, it is really hard to keep an open heart and I really need some time on my own,

after that time ends,

Hey Josh, I really need someone to show me the way back home.

Hey Bob, how many roads I shall walk down to be called a man?

‘coz hey James, I’m deprived of all my thoughts and I’m struggling own and own,

yet hey Michael, I really hope, young and naive, I’m not running into wrong direction,

and Kurt, yes, I do feel stupid andĀ contagious but you know its what entertain us,

and after this time ends,

Hey Chester, help me break the old habits as I would be lost in the echo,

from a thousand cold lies, isn’t it true Brad?

And watch me Corey as I bury all my sins under my skin then,

help me Trevor to begin another chapter of my life and tap into the memories of old-

aid me to believe, hey Marcus for this little lion man isn’t as brave as the start, just a hopeless wanderer.

I’m now powerless, Hey Chester please solace me that I’m not alone,

I’m bored to death and I’m fading fast, Tom, help me care all the small things,

for you know Anthony, I need more than myself this time.

But In the end, It’ll all make sense I know, for heaven’s got a plan for me, doesn’t it John?

and Marshall do taught me to search for my inner strength and pull that out,

it might take time but Axl has already trained me patience and

So following James and forever trusting myself and never caring for what they do,

I’ll strive for it, whatever it takes, thanks Dan

and yes I’ll go for it, hey Billie, even I’m the minority,

and thus one day, as our Dear Freddie told, I’ll be a champion for I want it all.

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