The last and first adventure

Sometimes you need an adventure to cleanse the bitterness of life from your soul. An adventure is not something you embark on by bragging everywhere, rather you indulge in it, let it embrace you, just like Bilbo Baggins, you disappear from this reality and pursue a road to infinite possibilities. Don’t expect for a company or a drunk farewell, you might have to suffer utter shocks of loneliness, spooky silence of solitude and clamour of storming frustration but remember, just like the high pressure is pivotal for birth of delightful diamond, such dystopian scenarios are must for an utopian adventure. Just like the Pandora’s box, you’ll be compelled, out of crippling curiosity, to peak back into this reality, to know what’s going on in the world you left but, have restraint, practice patience. Such an act will only lead to profound guilt and regrets, you’ll be deprived of an adventure that might have remoulded your soul, into something like the sun ā€“ forever glowing, forever warm, into something like the ocean ā€“ calm yet revered; like the god’s of the old, fierce, perseverant and most important, your soul forever slumbering within tranquility. And during this lone adventure of yours, after when you are afar from this world, when you hear no more whispers from the reality then in an ultimate confrontation you’ll face yourself. Here’s something similar philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in his book Thus spake Zarathustra:

But the worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself; you lie wait for yourself in caverns and forests. Lonely one, you are going the way to yourself! And your way goes past yourself, and past your seven devils! You will be a heretic to yourself and witch and soothsayer and fool and doubter and unholy one and villain. You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame: how could you become new, if you had not first become ashes?

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