Start of a new page : A dream

So my redemption turned its page from darker, gloomier one to brighter one. So all the amends I made vowing to billions of stars never to repeat that fault, are finally being listened to. So in celebration of this greater good, greater achievement; strangers from many roofless towns are here, merchants of roadless cities are here as well. Wines from the oldest barrel is to be poured and the furesh meat will be served upon stoneplates. At midnight, after hours of eating and drinking, the best maestros of country are going to put on some beat and melody to which whole celebration will stay up all night.

I am standing afar from that noise and hustle, beneath the old oak tree, the tree that had witnessed my heaven and my hell, revealing something to it. Lately my dreams have been grotesque, my sleep flies me away to the realm that seems seven oceans far away from my home yet so warm. There I met a lady, standing at the edge of a white fence, dressed blue gown with gemstones of many kinds embedded; like some angelic princess. Night two and I saw her, eyes as enchanting as Aphrodite and essence glowing fire like a neon light amid perfect dark. Night third and we shook hands, the jolt ensued was enough to throw me wide awake to this horrible reality. Day four, five and so on until on fifteenth night I met her again, my anxiety was leading heaps but it all vanished away when she lead me to the edge of a valley. There it felt like sun was just a mile away, from where you could feel heaven at the top of your toes. And I wanted to tell her that how much I wanted her back our home, how much I wanted to spend a life time with her but that felt so unreal. I had felt for a lady whom I could only meet in my dreams, few dreams while other were dark and gloomy ones until eventually being woken up by the cruelest rays of diabolical day. So before I could tell her that I want to proffer my soul to her, that I’m willing to go any lengths to bring her home; she said, ” Perhaps one day we will meet again as characters in a different tale, a tale of reality far away from these harrowing limits of dream and maybe we’ll share a lifetime then.” And then she kissed my forehead,a kiss that sent healing wave which cured every doubt and vice within and then everything started to fade away by some invisible gust of wind and suddenly I was wide awake in my bed.

Now under this lonely old tree, I’m scared to stay awake and even more scared to go to sleep.


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