Amor Fati

Life is curiously peeking through its old ragged windows; sometimes she has an alluring smile whilst other times a grim frown. I have written a few articles, prose, essays, poems, etc. be it fictional or real, there is one thing common in all of them; emotions. Emotions that are cold as ice and emotions that are hot as fire, emotions that are gloomy and emotions that are elating but most importantly, emotions that are not all mine and that I borrowed from countless lives staring through their respective windows. Being young and naive, I don’t have much clue about the fathomless secrets that life has buried deep beneath, but throughout my small voyage I happen to have collected a few of them and today let’s talk about one such lesson, a lesson on bad fate.

Misfortune might look like hell descended on earth and of course it turns our adventures to misadventures but it also guides us, it proffers us a chance to look vividly of what’s on the inside, it isolates us and helps us fight our timid self in its own stoic way. Bad fate can be a hunter that preys upon us in the coldest of winter with the most odious army of horrible emotions, and the season cycle yet continues from spring to winter. Maybe yesterday I hurt a loved one out of my frantic anger or maybe tomorrow I will be exiled from land of joy to desert of gloom; it’s paralyzing to think of such repercussions of bad fate, yes. But what you have, what you can govern, is now, this moment and live it as if it were the last because one of these days you are gonna be right. Try your best through the worst to revive the lost smile, just for once everyday and if you can do that than kudos to you! You have earned a victory, you have done something greater than just good; you have given a smile to the life that is alone and staring through the ragged window. Because eventually what matters most is you and your life, before anything so light as much lights beside that old ragged window, shield it from coldest breezes and keep her warm and shining.

So when the hourglass empties and the time comes for you to join the cosmos, when you are about to sip that last coffee and that last breathe simultaneously; the life would smile at you in a grateful gaze and welled up eyes and as her window opens and she is about to fly away to freedom, she whispers to you, “Thanks for living me”.

Amor Fati my friend.


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