Tale from hell

A long way down to the judgment day

in the hell, Dark whispered to me;

“Can you make amends for the sins you have made?

your soul is vile , your heart is dead

you led a life of lie in the dread you fed.”

then he chained me and tossed to a cell, deep dark in the hell.

Ruler of darkness, lord O’ mine

it is not me who is a pureblood vile,

the world ye so much trust is tainted with greed and lust.

Creatures of my kind; a hopeless race of hypocrites

aided by their pretty mind, raging war for peace and right

within their civil attire dwells a soul barbaric as hellfire,

they punish the sane for being insane, corrupted beings then complain

of morality, ethics and brotherhood being all vain!

So now that I have ran away from my own kind

Tell me Dark lord O’ mine, shall I stay or shall I fly?

Or shall I pursue the smeared lines of my fate?

Driving past the frozen snow, now I am on my own

hacked by the betrayal for hollow love that I’ve known

loved by the ache for the feelings that are gone;

you dragged me to this place, the hell and now it’s my only home.







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