The Run: A song of nightmare and daydreams

If you got the answer then come to me now, pierce my guard and take my soul off

If you know then show me the way out of this maze that is about to eat my senses

I was so naive to gamble with hate and now I have lost everything to the tide.

Rich yet begging for some love to abide,

king yet searching for a home to sleep by.

My allies, my friends worry for all the queer signs I show,

they ask me,”what evil bothers you, my friend?”

but I don’t speak a word for the answer is something even I don’t know.

So shall I cry for what is gone?

or should I shed tears of joy? for I am alive walking through the circle of life

with a lost fire, somewhere still burning bright

through a road so aloof, all day and night,

with a wounded hope, here still continuing to fight.

So until I find myself again let your fortune never drown

while I traverse hills of hate and mountains with ugly frown,

and maybe someday we will make a run through this circle of life,

and make up for the moments we have lost,

under the blue sky chased by a couple rays off the dawn

over the green hill about to cradle the horizon;

it’s my only motivation, my mediation; to escape and run.



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