Gloom Vol 1: The voice

Picturing the memories, riding train of thoughts
time when the world was just right
time when sun shone so bright.
And then the time turned me down
pierced my soul and chewed me out,
now I’m walking down a lonely road
drying out with fraying hope.
Met some folks then had some fun
shared the things, some memories
and then the dark came crying in
my heart rattled; I had to run.
In the night, in my lonely bed
running brain and the jumping heart,
thinking ’bout world I much detest
drinking hate which I’m so obsessed.

Now that the world is hushed to sleep
night deepens as the silence creeps,
there is a whisper growing in my head
its wicked words tear my sanity
and its voice won’t let me sleep.
My muscles are so strained, eyes gone red
yet lucky for me I’m not already dead.
For they say who wouldn’t sleep
and who knit hate and dwell in deep
is no mere human and is neither sane.
So who’s the voice inside me then
it’s faded by the sound of falling rain.



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