A letter of Gratitude

Dear lost friend,

Yet once again drowned in thousands of grotesque questions and wavering thoughts, my mind was steering hardly against the cruelest beats of anxiety. And amidst this chaotic battle, I fled, for a small moment to take refuge under a few melodies of serenity in the grand carnival of life. I walked through this old ghostly town and I had quite a view.

As I traversed through the dusty road crowded by lonely peoples, I see these few hundred faces bearing within them a few thousand emotions. They were all walking their own roads, some parallel to that of mine while some diverging so far that we will never see each other ever again once we are out of that carnival. I felt despair and elation, heartaches and soulmates, betrayal and trust, frowns and smiles, fakes and faith, hate and love; I felt both ugliness and beauty dancing to the bittersweet rhythm of life. And then as I was heading back to my shelter from this carnival, I found in my brain a wonderful fact to reflect upon, an entity of honor; solitude.

This is something we all have in mutual despite our vastest of vast differences. No matter how many new persons I meet and greet how many emotions I care and share; I will always have to return to the same old room of solitude, everyday. Amidst this grand crowd of villains and heroes I have my own little drama where I play both protagonist and antagonist, and so do you and so does everyone. But still when I walk through my narrow road of cobblestones knowing that I am alone walking this path, I feel fearless and guided. And whenever I am about to fall in some ugly dark pitch of broken hope, there is a hand there to pull me up, a heart there to heal me up and a brain there to cheer me up. Whenever viscous demons crawl in my way to haunt my shadow, there is a moon to show me the right way and an unseen army behind me to fight that for me. Whenever I stop to rest and feel iffy and alone in my solitude, there is always someone behind the curtains to aid me cope through. Even though I walk alone like everyone, I am connected to much more souls than even I know and this beautiful nexus of many different souls around my rolling life is what I call a family.

Yours, life


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