Jumping over the walls all painted black

No light beaming through in my prison of perspective

But I know everyone is caged in their deluded ugly caves

where jesters make them weep, where gentleman is creep.

I have seen and shared a small share of ups and downs

it is strange how quickly life can turn around,

yesterday the flames were so pretty and warm

today the grey ashes of that heat called off an alarm

and you are not only to have sunk so far and low,

Agitating, elating, wonted or bizarre

these thoughts play us like puppets in this damn show.


Now what is there left to say?

when only dead thoughts float in a darkest space

rise & fall; queer love and hate

spare me for leaving this stocked game

and I choose to feel not a thing, the choice is mine anyway

as I see a quiet road running to woods which is just a breathe away.


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