Dazed and Dispersed

Out in the night, windy and dark
He walked out with his wicked heart
Stars were weeping and moon was alone
Earth was dancing to a beatless song
The universe was sad, empty and quiet
Nothing seemed wrong yet nothing was right.
There was a party down by the hill
People were drinking, dancing and feasting the meal
But he never joined for his heart ever denied
And not once did he dared to ask his mind,
He walked around like a dead body in a sea
With no one to meet and no place to be.

Maybe not so much long time ago
He wasn’t eating this pain all on his own
But then he traded his hope for some fear
No one really knew this for no one really cared
Time like a hurricane then stormed his soul
Before he could run he was caged in a black hole
He cried but his voice faded in a distance
Over years in the void he was lost in silence.
He is a character that I draw from a kid
And maybe million mores we live amid
Bruised from battle of time, fate and fear
Dazed among a thousand laughs and maybe a million tears
And an ode I present to say you’re not alone
You’re a warrior valiant enough to turn a hell into a home.


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