Highland wishes

I wish someday we see the rain falling beneath that bitter sky, I wish we find love again and again hidden amidst every corner of time. Tears are monsters from castle of pain fear has fangs and it chews us alive, Every night we dream shadow of the day, I wish, when we lose, we... Continue Reading →


Tale from hell

A long way down to the judgment day in the hell, Dark whispered to me; "Can you make amends for the sins you have made? your soul is vile , your heart is dead you led a life of lie in the dread you fed." then he chained me and tossed to a cell, deep... Continue Reading →

The oblivion

The spilled wine stained her dress like blood, the shallow love tainted my soul, so much of the futile wait ached my bone, and the memories they break my heart, Are we ever reaching ashore or we'll just run for horizons? His past was her holocaust the last of us will win so better run... Continue Reading →

Dark love

Make the whole world hate thy if you have to you will always find me longing your return, shielding that kindle of hope you left carving your stories on our dreamy canvas. I know the world is a gutter of fear but that's not your home, it's here my dear, and as you march your... Continue Reading →

Life is a beautiful misery

Confused, lost and forsaken, my soul is bleeding tears, amidst this dreary darkness, its faint halo is the only light, flickering, trembling, barely holding against the frozen breezes from the land of dead. Oh! brother, help me, take me back, heal me and forgive me, for I was derailed from my track, you trusted me... Continue Reading →

Sadness and Sorrow

Sadness and sorrow, grim gluttony and a forsaken tomorrow, chained down in a dark room with the screams, the horrors of bedlam of life, they capture who speaks the truth, torment these souls without any ruth, once a cheerful land, now barred with shadows of hell, this is tale of how serenity lost its way... Continue Reading →

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