Dazed and Dispersed

Out in the night, windy and dark He walked out with his wicked heart Stars were weeping and moon was alone Earth was dancing to a beatless song The universe was sad, empty and quiet Nothing seemed wrong yet nothing was right. There was a party down by the hill People were drinking, dancing and... Continue Reading →


A letter of Gratitude

Dear lost friend, Yet once again drowned in thousands of grotesque questions and wavering thoughts, my mind was steering hardly against the cruelest beats of anxiety. And amidst this chaotic battle, I fled, for a small moment to take refuge under a few melodies of serenity in the grand carnival of life. I walked through... Continue Reading →

The Voice

The voice rumbles in my head, it trembles my soul, in a silent night a dead symphony gusts in the street, and all I can hear is the voice, its frozen beat, its edgy chill through my spine, Oh brother! help! save me from this rhyme. the beautiful melody that once trumped my mind, is... Continue Reading →

The Faceless Enemy

I wasn't expecting your arrival, oh! I wasn't prepared, I swear I wasn't ready for those cold chills in my┬áheart, I swear I wasn't ready for my mind to be torn apart, but then you knocked in my doors, there was an utter silence, a silence before a storm, that left the boy ripped and... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found (The evolution)

  Majority of people at my age goes through some mental conflicts, psychological issues. One which I went through during my high school years was fear of difference, fear of being left alone. This is a fake fear where one is compelled to believe that being different means being left alone ergo they want to... Continue Reading →

Him and his journey

Here is a small poem I wrote about my own anxiety and how I am slowly and gradually marching on the road to recovery....   As I walked along that road, a road of my own consciousness. I found him in the deeper parts, lost and filled with emptiness. He stared me with his forlorn... Continue Reading →

Uncovering my Anxious self

I've always admired the concept, that deep meaning carried by Chinese philosophy, the Yin Yang. How it described the bond between the two contrary forces of the universe, dark and bright, positive and negative, and the way it presented the fact that nothing can be perfectly good or bad in the natural world. There must... Continue Reading →

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