Hollow whispers

If I could forget about life for a while I would sing silly songs of tears and smile Of many people I met and quickly forgot Of few dreams I knit and tore them apart. If I could forget about life for a while To a quiet green hill I would push my ride To... Continue Reading →


Jumping over the walls all painted black No light beaming through in my prison of perspective But I know everyone is caged in their deluded ugly caves where jesters make them weep, where gentleman is creep. I have seen and shared a small share of ups and downs it is strange how quickly life can... Continue Reading →

Tale from hell

A long way down to the judgment day in the hell, Dark whispered to me; "Can you make amends for the sins you have made? your soul is vile , your heart is dead you led a life of lie in the dread you fed." then he chained me and tossed to a cell, deep... Continue Reading →

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