Wonder the wonderful

Seeking out for a stranger’s hand in shallow desperate land. But can you feel what it’s like, to be limitless and free?   They are all lost in pain, in their highways to vain. Ever wondered what it’s like, to see ghosts that they can’t see?   We are running deep in wilderness of life,... Continue Reading →


Amor Fati

Life is curiously peeking through its old ragged windows; sometimes she has an alluring smile whilst other times a grim frown. I have written a few articles, prose, essays, poems, etc. be it fictional or real, there is one thing common in all of them; emotions. Emotions that are cold as ice and emotions that... Continue Reading →

Bitter pills of fate

Why is the sky so dark today?  total silence enveloping my domain, and what are these noises inside my head? so clamorous, echoing again and again, Oh! this suffocation, like some gory invasion, is this some sinful prophecy? carved upon my fate, accepted by my soul?                 (The... Continue Reading →

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