Tale from hell

A long way down to the judgment day in the hell, Dark whispered to me; "Can you make amends for the sins you have made? your soul is vile , your heart is dead you led a life of lie in the dread you fed." then he chained me and tossed to a cell, deep... Continue Reading →



Day 50 and still during some cold nights, by the merciful grace of merciless fate or by the grotesque mishmash of my nexus of feelings, I traverse to that ethereal realm where my uncanny dreamy fiction got commenced. And when I’m there I still walk ahead and then sit upon that big rock and I... Continue Reading →

Start of a new page : A dream

So my redemption turned its page from darker, gloomier one to brighter one. So all the amends I made vowing to billions of stars never to repeat that fault, are finally being listened to. So in celebration of this greater good, greater achievement; strangers from many roofless towns are here, merchants of roadless cities are... Continue Reading →

Sadness and Sorrow

Sadness and sorrow, grim gluttony and a forsaken tomorrow, chained down in a dark room with the screams, the horrors of bedlam of life, they capture who speaks the truth, torment these souls without any ruth, once a cheerful land, now barred with shadows of hell, this is tale of how serenity lost its way... Continue Reading →

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