A pursuit of mistakes

The thin and thick, pretty and ugly, wise and foolish emotions clutter my mind to an extent where I get completely diverged from the central theme of what I wanted to write about. Well I have been meaning to write something but my willpower doesn’t share my enthusiasm and my words conceal as if they... Continue Reading →


Amor Fati

Life is curiously peeking through its old ragged windows; sometimes she has an alluring smile whilst other times a grim frown. I have written a few articles, prose, essays, poems, etc. be it fictional or real, there is one thing common in all of them; emotions. Emotions that are cold as ice and emotions that... Continue Reading →

Explore ways to fight not die

Once I was watching TEDx videos over youtube and I came across this one guy with rather interesting story. It all started like this: He met a girl rather beautiful and impressive, at school and quickly they became friends too. Then started an alluring friendship that was envied by half school and praised by other... Continue Reading →

End is just the beginning

So the cycle is completed again, the cycle of 365 days filled with joys and sorrows, achievement and loss, success and failure, gain and loss, the list never ends. 2017 for me, was the most intricate year and it taught me as well as gave me a lot of things too. Well, sadness, happiness, gaining,... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found (The evolution)

  Majority of people at my age goes through some mental conflicts, psychological issues. One which I went through during my high school years was fear of difference, fear of being left alone. This is a fake fear where one is compelled to believe that being different means being left alone ergo they want to... Continue Reading →

A journey of self transformation

    Hello there, its been some time since I wrote something here, all thanks to winter, my brain literally stops functioning because of the evil winter chills and laziness that comes along. And again, being a rookie blogger, pardon my writing and presentation skills and lets fill the paper..... So the purpose for me... Continue Reading →

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