Highland wishes

I wish someday we see the rain falling beneath that bitter sky, I wish we find love again and again hidden amidst every corner of time. Tears are monsters from castle of pain fear has fangs and it chews us alive, Every night we dream shadow of the day, I wish, when we lose, we... Continue Reading →


Wonder the wonderful

Seeking out for a stranger’s hand in shallow desperate land. But can you feel what it’s like, to be limitless and free?   They are all lost in pain, in their highways to vain. Ever wondered what it’s like, to see ghosts that they can’t see?   We are running deep in wilderness of life,... Continue Reading →

A tiny ballad of huge kingdom

Out there among the millions you stand alone staring the sky The clouds divided; some pretty white while other iffy brown And the city you stand upon is tired, its people sunk in a frown. The storm is roaring up high, thunder cradles in deep as it falls Desolation purges sanity from the huge earthly... Continue Reading →

Tale from hell

A long way down to the judgment day in the hell, Dark whispered to me; "Can you make amends for the sins you have made? your soul is vile , your heart is dead you led a life of lie in the dread you fed." then he chained me and tossed to a cell, deep... Continue Reading →

The Voice

The voice rumbles in my head, it trembles my soul, in a silent night a dead symphony gusts in the street, and all I can hear is the voice, its frozen beat, its edgy chill through my spine, Oh brother! help! save me from this rhyme. the beautiful melody that once trumped my mind, is... Continue Reading →


  You were a ladder for me, to my mind, you were a key, my heart cries, do you see? It was calm until it met thee.     I want see you again, I don't wanna bear this pain, I want to dance in the rain, with you by my side again. Oh! those... Continue Reading →

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